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[ARCHER QUESTION] Need help please!

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Yesterday me and 2 other friends started playing and we all like to play either archer or wizards in MMO. We saw that archer is a good starter class for farm etc and we decided to create 3 archers and 1 box with a ISS for Chant of Bison. We got to level 98 and we'r having big mana issues in Bloody Swampland. Mana goes to 0 in a few minutes after leveling up and then we need to basically get a full level just with few spells and normal hits, how can the mana issue be fixed? Does it get better at higher level? I don't know where but i remind reading something about mana / life regeneration based on the hit you deal to mobs, is that true? Just need some help on that topic, mana issue as an Yul Ghost Sentinel! Thanks

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I don't know specific mechanics, but yes, mana recovery is affected by damage archer deals relative to number of people in party. You can test this by having just one archer and 1 box duo. Take them hunting together and you'll see archer maintain MP easy. Then add second archer. You'll gradually see mana not accrue as fast, but still manageable. Now add 3. The 3rd one doesn't need to be there hunting with you, just in party, even if they are in town somewhere. Then you'll see mana issues kick in fast. 

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Mana regeneration happens everytime that a mob dies, so if you aren't killing fast, or someone else outside the party is dealing the most part of the damage you might run out of mp. That being said you shouldn't have any problem on that area being lvl 98, also mp regen gets buggy every now and then, so try to disband and re-do the party, that solves the problem in the most majority of the cases.

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