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Number of Account limit by IP

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Maerwen    18

Yea, i know this will produce a lot of hate but...

With the issues the server have with queue of 500 ppl at some hours, attack speed latency on melee toons, you could implement a max of 3 account per IP. For what i know in the ncwest region there are no coffe rooms or similar with many real players loged from one IP. If you go to the normal open areas to lvl you will probably find many partys with toons with almost the same name and a number at the end. This partys are

- someone with many pc in his house that log a lot of macro toons all day

- someone that bypass your 3 clients per pc restriction

- someone worst than that (check some tanks on magic circle that move on the same coordinates 24 hours a day... weird werid!!!!)

So, you could give it a try on a restriction of 3 account online per ip.

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