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Adena Drop after the 75+ lvl boost ends

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There we go, once again with the same issue "Adena Drop"
i used to farm 9 hours nonstop in Dark Omen Necropolis ( 80 LVL farm spot ) there's the results : 


After 9 hours of farm i got 664,300  Adena x9 chars, the total of adena is  5,978,700 Adena 
The costs of that 9 hours farm :
56,000 Blessed SpiritShot in adena 5,880,000 Adena

2,500 Spirit Ore  :  1,400,000 Adena

So after 9 hours of farm all i got was 1 Pheonix Ring (market price 800.000 Adena) and a loot of materials and Key parts (that i cannot sell on Grocery or any NPC because NCSOFT Korea Disabled that function) 

We all understand that server is an official server and is supposed to be "HARD CORE" but do you guys realize that we cannot afford to farm? the exp is lower and i tottaly agree with that but the adena drop rates are ridiculouse way too low !


@Juji  please give us an answer.


Thank you in Advice !

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I farm a small room in disciples, No SS, no Cov

DA (panther)
Arcana lord (king kat)
Maestro (with golem
SK (lightning shock makes this possible)
EE (recharge on SK)
bishop (balance life/body of avatar/ on a loop)
Doomcryer (all buffs but CoV)

This is by far from an ideal group and shots aren't even needed. Make sure the small room has no line of site to any other room and put all your dd's on auto hunt short range.

Profit = 9 mil a day.  It's not great but if i keep it up it's likely 250 mil a month.  


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