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Graphic Problems With The "Kamael's"

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Dear, I am writing to report a bug in the graphics engine that I have found.
Previously, I had a party in which my Kamael Doombringer was present, which after a few hours began to significantly decrease the FPS, after thinking that this was normal, I did not pay as much attention, however, the same party was replaced by the Kamael Doombringer for a Grand Kabatary and I am surprised that the FPs problems are over regardless of the time that passes. I have come to the conclusion that the kamael itself, when consuming souls, produces a serious problem in the graphic engine which brutally increases the use of all accounts close to it.

This has been tested by changing all the graphic options that Lineage 2 provides us, and with all the same result is reached.

Specifications of my computer:
AMD Ryzen 5 Six core 1600 3.20 GHz
32GB Ram (Dual channel)
GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB
Without any temperature problem.

Please I would love to have you review this as it is a fact that I can personally confirm it for you. No more to say, I say goodbye.
Beforehand thank you very much.

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