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Maphr’s Box of Splendor Test 2000+

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Gz on the ring I really like to see your videos.

Only open 150 box in my case cos didn't wanted to risk more and got: 1x lv5 jewel box 2x Des Wep 1x splendor book (LoL I think this will gather dust till the end of times xD) and 146x assorted random wonders xD

The only thing that will get on this sale is will try to get rune to get the meh 110 skill just to keep the main char and get the easy lv3 seed cos 100% evolve rate =3

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500 boxes here, mostly crap. 2x DEWR, 7 DEAR, 2 Greater Runes Stones, 29 Runes Stones, 2 Gold enchant items, 1 Royal Black, rest was random crap to sell to NPC for being angry. Total sell value +- 100b Adena.

Not a simple real item like TEVAS did.

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