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Screenshot contest winners - congrats!

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Hello, everybody!

Congrats to all screenshot contest winners - Paleo, Bladez, Venegence!

I have some concerns about quality of the screenshots of the several winners, but, that's what we can't fix.

Considering all non-US/non-Canada players were left without any option to participate, let's post our screenshots? 


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I'm professional photographer and choice of NC soft jury is just ridiculus. Are you serious? In you opinion these are best shots from classic servers? In this thread I see many much  better shots than you chose.

Who did you chose to judge the competition images? Blind retired priest? 

In my opinion best from above: Kthulhu, DJThunder, SheepForBrains.

Especially I like Kthulhu shots. Fantastic lights.


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On 23.05.2020 at 12:06 PM, DjThunder said:

The problem is not that we have send them nice photos,the rules were stricted to those that are playing at NA and not in Europe !!!


Seriously? Players from Europe couldnt participate?

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