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Back after 4 Years. Character name (consult)

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h3c70rb    0

Hi all. 

With all this quarentine thing going on i have decided to come back to L2 (Too much time free), but i have a question, i have been told there was a server fusion and most of my char have a "22" at the end of the name. Is there a way to take this away for free? without buying the change name ticket? 

Waiting for your replys, 


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Teribeth    36

You should be able to request a name change from Support, as the Automated system was only active for a short time after the merge. The 22 was just to indicate which server you were on before the merge


3. Character Name Conflicts Resolved
Once a character has successfully passed the above steps, it is placed on the destination server. If your character has the same name as other characters on the new server, each character with that name will have a number appended to its character name. These numbers correlate to the server a character originated from. You will notice this name change after logging in to the Character Selection screen. Review the "Name Changes After the Server Merge" section below for the process to change a character name that had a name conflict.

Name Changes After the Server Merge

If your character's name has been changed in the server merge due to a name conflict, you will have to change its name before entering the game. Successfully keeping an original name is still technically a name change because by doing so you will be getting rid of the number that was appended to the name to resolve the name conflict during the merge. Name conflicts are basically resolved by giving the desired name to the first player that requests it, but there are certain conditions. If multiple parties have the same name pre-merge whoever logs in will be able to first claim the name. However, if the other parties would like to also have a fair chance for the name as well, they can request the support team to investigate the character history on each party's respective server.

To keep or change your character name:

  • As you log in after the server merge, in the character selection screen, you may see that a character has a new number at the end of its name. This means that your character had a character name conflict. If you don't have a new number at the end of your character's name, you can log straight in to the game.
  • When you select a character that has a name conflict, a message box pops up explaining that there was a character name conflict. It says: "Please enter your desired name."
  • You can enter in your original character name. Entering your original character name lets you check to see if the name is still available.
  • If a character has already claimed the name that you are trying to assign to your character, you will not be able to use that name.
  • You will see the above popup message box. Enter a different character name in the message box. Repeat this process until you have successfully renamed your character. You can now log in with that new name.
  • There will be an appeals process for those players who lose a name due to griefing or name-stealing tactics. If you lose a name due to griefing, send a support ticket and we will investigate the issue. If you lose a name and you're not sure if it was through griefing or if it was a legitimate name-claim, send a support ticket so that we can investigate for you.
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