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Blessed specter daggers vs Exalted

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As the title suggest guys,i want a good balanced comparison of +12 blessed Specter dual dagger and Enhanced Exalted.Also dont rush pls and try to calculate everything.For example exalted has +10% pve dmg, but the specter dagger has +9% soul shot damage, also in +4 it gains p.critical and can get 2 SA.Im trying to figure if my dmg will greatly improve,because it costs only 8b and i cant afford 35b For +12 bloody right now.Need a quick solution, so if someone can compare them, thank you. (Also Exalted daggers has 833 P.attack and specter has 930P.attack)

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You read KissMyKnife thread but you did not understand anything.
It matter less patack value on weapon, what matter is SA and PVE option.
You will see not much improvement between a +6 r99 pve weapon and +12 r99 pve weapon.

Forget about r95...its a dead end garbage. Its good till you get exalted weapon.

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Let's not overthink this.

First, 8B is too much to spend on a weapon that is obsolete (R95), that isn't Bloody (if you mostly PVE), or Dark (if you are trying your hand at PVP). Like Thrax said, don't put too much stock in P. Atk. That stat alone doesn't help you kill faster. Or put another way, you would need a weapon that had at least 500+ more P.atk to see noticeably faster killer rates, everything else being equal. If you have an Enhanced Exalted weapon, stick with that and forget about R95. All that glitters isn't gold. Start saving up for R110. 

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