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AsYouWish recruiting


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AsYouWish is open for recruitment after the merge.

We're a lv. 9 friendly clan, with PVE Combat specialty.

Who we are:

A bunch of old/new players who are helpful and love the game.

Mostly English speakers from all over the world. We have European, North/South American/Canadian players so you will find ppl online at any time of the day.
We stick together and do dailies, exp pts, instances, epics, rbs within the clan/ally, try to help each other as much as possible, love hunting together. It doesn't matter if instance or open field, we are happy to do whatever is available and makes sense from lvl perspective.

Who we're looking for:

Active players who would like  to be part of a clan where you can learn and grow together with us whether old player or newcomer.

What we can offer:

  • A great community to play with.
  • Assistance to teach you instances.
  • Tips and tricks to newcomers.

Some info about our policies:

  • We don't tolerate any negative attitude such as bad-mouthing or asking for items/pwrlvl unless offered.
  • To set up parties we always ask clan/ally first.
  • Discord is requiered for clan activities.
  • Be friendly, reasonable and helpful.
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