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Some Minimal Errors


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Hi. I found some mistakes maybe not as important as others, but they affect in certain situations.

The Wynn Summoner, When you have the summon with buff the mp goes down to 50% of the summon, and it never goes up from there, and another thing is that when you are healing the summon it has a very considerable delay when it increases its HP and sometimes it doesn't even go up your HP, this happens when you use the Mass Servitor Heal, and the Servitor Mayor Heal The Tyrr Dreadnoght, when using the Provoke skill does not last for the 20 seconds that the debuff lasts, it is almost always removed after a few seconds. The superior passive ability light armor mastery before learning the skill says one thing, and then once learned it says something else. I think for now it's all I noticed. Bye, I hope it can be resolved as soon as possible. :)

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