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Using war exploits to gain a unfair advantage

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War system is broken and used to exploit, gain unfair advantages and parts of it are entirely broken
War system is abused on castle sieges to declare on clans to prevent pvp and to prevent being killed, clans that are not registered to a castle as attacker or defender count as war kills while they shouldn't.
War system is used to harass and be "invulnerable" to retaliation in field pvp, it is used in a way to extort for a spot and get a unfair advantage.
When trying to take off a war it is supposed to say who is in combat, this is NOT working (works on other territories!)

Request for a fix for this broken war system and allow to remove a war regardless that anyone is in combat before this game dies even more from all the exploiting and abusing.
@Juji @Hime

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Certainly the same thing happened to me, they are abusing the clan war system, and there is nothing you can do about it when someone is in battle. or someone who knows more about the subject, how it could be done to avoid abuse by other players.

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