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Stage 3 Craft - Siege - June 10th - Chronos


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hi Truffle,

really beautiful weapon, grat. I do not know how much money and time to spend, but u have it. what's the next? God mode? did you see the end credits after the exchange? do not forget, im not jealous.

lets see what will be in the future: you rule the server in PVP, PVE, OLY, SIEGE upcoming pvp events

After this u can rule oly in every clsses (as u already do wit HTH ot THT i dont remember, the gk class). u just have to transfer your items to any class, coz almost all classes has light armor mastery. and that weapon.... insane!

 SIEGE: if any1 else saw that video or were there can see a top player max 3 hits!!!!!!!!!!! this isnt pvp, this is slaughtering! u need an iss and thats it.

But again, CONGRATULATION! ( im serious) its aswesome.

For NCSOFT: make this weapons temporary only (example for a year) and not tradeble. 



(Cmon forum fighters lets the $h1t storm began below)

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