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Yesterday was HELL all time die for lag

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Hello yesterday i was dieing all time in my usual spots. i tried then to move in weak and littler spots but after a tot time i found my char dead...

Conclusion = i went to job and i shut down my pc coz was impossible stay in macro, i lost ONE DAY of prestige and exp!!!!!

Any words from u staff? any compensation wtf?! exp is very very bad now and no party bonus % is on, plus we die all time when lag and you lose 1day 

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You say you found your char dead and you just assume servers were lagging like hell? There could be lots of reasons for you to die.
Like SafeStash said, we recently lost our bloody runes and free greater ruby, that's a non negligible loss.

Moreover, acting outraged because you lost 1 day prestigee and xp is gonna get you nowhere lol. We're not in a Wallmart in the US, being a Karen won't get you what you want...

You should find a better place for your macro, where do you usually farm?

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Stop make fantasy theorys to the ppl that reporting real moments of lag and lose all day coz u go to work/go sleep etc.


Yesterday even to me i've tried even to move FoS in little spots. even there, moments of lag u start receive damages and vampiric and skills sux.

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