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PK System Changes - 6/3/2020

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  • L2 Team

The PK System will be restructured and the PK count will be reset to zero for all players during the 6/3 maintenance. Karma will NOT be reset.

PK Penalty Debuffs

New debuffs have been added as penalties for players with a PK count of 4 and higher.

PK Count

Debuff Name




Einhasad's Observation Lv. 1

30 Minutes

P. Def./M. Def. -5%, Speed -5.


Einhasad's Observation Lv. 2

1 Hour

P. Def./M. Def. -10%, Speed -10.


Einhasad's Observation Lv. 3

2 Hours

P. Def./M. Def. -15%, Speed -30.


Einhasad's Observation Lv. 4

3 Hours

P. Def./M. Def. -30%, Speed -35.


Einhasad's Shackles

3 Hours

Applies to players with 10 PKs or higher and Negative Karma.
Location will be exposed on the world map and you cannot use escape
skills/items or perform normal teleport functions.

The debuff is applied for the entire duration as soon as your character reaches the PK count threshold and it will not be removed even if the PK count is lowered.

    PK Scroll Changes

    • The Scroll: PK that is used to remove PK count from your character will be limited to one use per day regardless of the type used. There is a shared 24-hour global cooldown for all PK Scrolls.
    • The maximum number of PKs that can be removed per day is 13. Using a Top-grade PK Scroll removes 10 PK and completing the Brothers Bound in Chains quest can remove up to 3 PKs at random.

    PK Location Tracking 

    • The locations of characters with the Einhasad’s Shackles debuff (10 PKs and Negative Karma) will be displayed on the World Map. Washing away the Negative Karma will not remove you from the World Map as you need to wait until the Einhasad’s Shackles debuff has ended.
    • The number of the PKers whose locations are shown on the map is limited up to 30 players.
    • PKers will not be shown on the world map if they've just logged in or are playing in instanced zones or world instanced zones.
    • If you are the target character, then your icon will not be displayed on the world map.

    Additional Notes:

    • The Einhasad’s Shackles debuff does not apply if you are in possession of a Cursed Sword.
    • If you obtain a Cursed Sword while under a PK penalty debuff, then the debuff will be removed.
    • The removal of the PK item drop penalty is still in place and has not changed.
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