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the Dragons !
It would be interesting to leave the possibility, a chance to all the players to be able to make the dragons, the monopolise is accessible only to the top gears and 2 clans! Why not make them as an instance that everyone could do once a month per mac account or address. It's true that we can have the claws dragons and the dragons weapons in the events, which is obviously in the interest of NC soft. I understand that this must remain an exceptional product in the game, but that disloyal and unfair.
Thanks !
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I embrace the idea of this also.

There is a flaw, when dragons died, the server gets XP Boost. This would mean to have the real Antharas etc to be an instanced zone and all players get 3 hours of exp boost when accomplished.

Also we have the "baby" Antharas that everyone can do. This would require a complete revamp of the game for NC.

And we know "never change running system" ... This is what NC does the best!

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EZ solution.

Save all participating clans from last kill. For next (3) spawn(s) anyone from those clans will block the CC to enter.

Extra check on every toon to see their previous clans. If any is one of the last participating clan, the CC cant enter(so that they just don't leave clan or join alt clan)

Only way to dodge this is by having another army of alts high enough to be able to kill. That is doable but who's willing to remove augments from weapons to share with alt? Or even making another top weapon?

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