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Nowdays, i see several named patches (Fafurion-1, 2, Homunculus, etc), that took the position of "Chronicles", happens at lineage 2 live servers. Most of us, are just reading the patchnotes and trying to figure out how they works, based on gameplay, checking new ways of farm etc.But some people are spamming the web and trying to find exploits that will help them to "be more pro", or they just try to upgrade their wealth by selling adena (the spam ingame PM's of ToveSiri etc).

Some examples:

- The reset of timing zones when you participate/observe olympiads or participate at CoC (fixed after 2 months or so)

- The Akamanah/Zariche boxes that could been killed at petrify mode and redropped on world, making the rich people richer (fixed at 5 months or so)

- The abuse PK item drops to afk makro exp players (fixed after 6 years or so)

 And many more that we dont know or hear.


The point is that:

- Noone punished for using exploits or hacks or scams

- Still getting spam of pm's for adena/equips/chars

- NcWest makes the game so much unfair by ignoring the community.


And show is go on..

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the RMT spam is very frustrating to deal with everyday anywhere between 2 to 7 new spam bots.
Always the same names always the same companies and always the same multi line spam they said they fixed countless times to "not be possible".

@Juji need new chat system with more restrictions we can set including block non clan/ally/friend, block anything below level X (which you can fill in)

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