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problem party adena

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I put as an example

i kill a mob alone = 20000 adena in FOS

i kill a mob in party (1 members close) = 10000 x 2 adena in FOS

i kill a mob in party (1 members in city) = 10000 x1 adena in FOS

i kill a mob in party (6 members in city) = 3000 x1 adena in FOS

I know that Adena is divided


but the members in the city don't get adena


should win the same adena as killing alone regardless of party members

please respond if it is a problem or should I modify something

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I have 3 characters, all with Prestige pack subscripts.

If they run out of party, then the drop rate is normal (roughly 25k adena). As soon as I put the 3 characters together, even with all 3 having the Prestige pack, the adena rate drops (roughly 6k adena).

The problem is I'm paying for 3 Prestige Packs, but only getting the benefit of 1.  Even if the character is in another region, the adena amount is affected.


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for adena drop to be boosted for the party, all characters must have prestige pack.  even if the character is in a different region in game (but still in party).  the only adena boost that is character dependant is the increase adena passive buff from the dual class skills.

drop runes behave the same way as prestige rune.  all chars must have it to work.


xp runes are dependant on the individual character boost.  the party just affects what xp is given to all members, then your boost adjusts from there.  even if soeone has no xp runes, it doesnt affect the person who has them.




edit: on adena, if u make 1kk/hour with 1 person, each char should make 500k/hour when in party with prestige.  it keeps dividing equally.  If 1 char misses prestige, everyone looses the bonus

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