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Notice on Gem Energy Failure

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Juji    920

The Gem Energy was added as a reward item with the Night Market Treasure Chest. Gem Energy can be used to compound Normal Jewels or Greater Jewels. The failure results for compounding with a Gem Energy is different from the normal compounding method with two Jewels of the same level/type.

If you compound a Jewel with a Gem Energy and it fails, then the Gem Energy is consumed and the Jewel is downgraded to Lv. 1 for that type (Normal/Greater). A Greater Jewel Lv. 1 cannot be downgraded to a Normal Jewel Lv. 5 if you fail to compound to Greater Jewel Lv. 2.

  • Failing to compound a Greater Jewel Lv. 1~4 will downgrade the jewel to Greater Jewel Lv. 1
  • Failing to compound a Normal Jewel Lv. 1~4 will downgrade the jewel to Normal Jewel Lv. 1.


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