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Hi, as tittle says im having troubles when i use auto hunt and put Frenzy on AUTO use, character have a micro delay between every attack, like = attack, delay, attack, delay, attack, delay... and is super annyoing because looks like you have very low atk.speed when that's not the reality. I noticed that each every attack, system tries to proc Frenzy then you listen a system sound and get a message in system that says you can't use Frenzy because is in cooldown, that is after EVERY BASIC ATTACK.

Another thing is the ridiculously short AoE range of Broad Sweep buff and Quake Attack, first one i guess make your attacks AoE, i didn't expect to be a Warlord, but sometimes even with mobs stacked all in the same place, i only hit ONE MOB instead 3 as buff says. Quake Attack it's pretty the same thing, it's ULTRA HARD to hit more than 1 mob, that's ridiculous, it's supposed to be frontal AOE skill, but range is SUPER SHORT.

Please take a look on that and fix it ASAP!  Thanks!. @Juji @Hime

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