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An unhelpful guide to not play a support character 2020

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Hello together,

so.. here ive come a long way on my ever favoured class the healer. Dont ask me if corona made me do this topic or not, out of pure boredom. U can call it crying, u can call it griping on high niveau, u can call it whatever u want.

To all the new players out there who are starting the game or coming back to LineageII after a long break and are planning to play a support class (yes this thread is supposed to be about healers).

Dont even think about it.

Evry good point which once existed about the healer class has been radically extinguished by the game developers. Im not throwing shade on healers, im pretty sure if u spent ur whole house and evry last bit of ur real life possessions into the game, ur healer will be amazing, it will be probably fun to play. Ok honestly trashtalk aside.. lets talk about why I think that you shouldnt play the healer class anymore. (Its just a suggestion though, so pls dont get mad, im trying to help you out making a better decision for your future in game life).

Lets start with the simplest gameplay: PvE

No mate, i wont complain about how the healer is doing no dmg, dont worry about it. A healer is a support class after all, its not meant to do the big dmg in PvE. Its meant to heal ur party members and prevent them from dying. Ur pt members are supposed to do the dmg and they should hav a need of a healer in evry area possible right. As far as I know the game is an mmorpg. Sry what does mmorpg mean? Oh yes. Mass Multiplayer Online Roleplaygame. Well... thats not the case anymore. Or maybe it is? Decide it for urself.

A game which was meant to be a Party-Based game turned into a whole world map solo hunting ground. 

Why do I think that?

the simplest reason which made me think that is, that there are almost no party rooms in the party search section even though we hav thousands of players still online each day. Create an own party? Yes, go try it for urself. And after u hav waited for 1-2h for creating a decent party. (well decent can be literally defined in many different ways, because lets be honest, the good players solo the instances meanwhile) u finally get to enter the few instances that actually are supposed to be in need of supports. And when ur done with that u take a good look on how much ur xp bar increased in %. If your anywhere close near lv107+ you will mention very quickly that only doing the avaible instances a day, wont get u anywhere for the next 365 days unless you do smth more than that. 

So what else can you do?

Go grind. Grind. Grind. And yes you should just grind in the field. because that is whats the game wants you to do. to grind. Which is plausible ofc. I mean, pffft haha its a game based on grinding and we wouldnt play it if we wouldnt be hunting monsters all day.

Now.. here comes the problem with grinding in the field as a supports.

I guess u noticed urself if u used the braincells u usually dont activate to grind. U can not grind ALONE as a support (unless see abouve, u invest all ur rl life possesions into this game). thihi suprise. The map offers nowadays more solo exping areas than party exping areas. and lets be honest: the party exping area xp is a joke in comparison to the solo exping areas. 

Anyway, im drifting apart. Yes yes. try finding ppl who will go with you to a party grinding area. Im telling you, you will hav alot of fun gathering ppl. Now your thinking? So what? I can go to the solo hunting areas with someone. Yes. Thats what u could do. IF someone has a heart for a useless healer like u. Since... who needs a healer in a solo area? oh? Yes u guessed right. An exalted equipped character. So i guess we can still go exping with those. if u accept the fact that the time u need to let ur pc/notebook run to make the same % which is a normal equipped playing doing in the same amount of time, will cost u more money on your electricity bill than just spending it into NcCoins (advertisement ofc). Those poor dd souls who are taking u with them and sharing their GOOD xp with u even though they could just grind alone. U owe them now, dont  u?

Yeye the good macro afk system. Its so good that evryone can farm days, even weeks afk. Its such a good improvement for the game, right? Evryone now can just depend on himself. Amazing. thats what we always wanted. Need a healer? pffft just log a box, why wait an active one or even share xp with one? no need. Lets not talk about the poor iss enchanters. Since evryone can buff themself with iss buffs now. that would open up another whole book of complains. a good meme for the iss's would be amazing right now but i dont wanna get punished by forum moderators.

Alala im drifting apart again. Man i could drift apart after evry sentence, but then this post would never end.

So? ye grinding in the field possibility alone OR with others just went down in ur list, hopefully. And man i got tired of all those low excuses ppl are coming up with not to take you with them, honestly. I'd prefer them just to tell me straight they wanna exp alone. Which is understandable cause obviously the game was developed like that. Man, I cant blame them. After a huge amount of time that i invested to be 'friends' or in a 'cp' with ppl who would take care of me and listening to them constantly telling me i cant go anywhere without them and I cant do anyhing without and OFC i owe them for taking me somewhere, I simply decided to just mindbleep myself by exping my OWN DD to exp MY main the HEALER(tank/ISS). contraproductive in any way, lets not talk about it.

In a game where you thought a support character is smth nice and needed by others actually, u just get shoved around and ur not wanted by anyone anymore. OkOk I admit. thats not true, ye, you guys got me, im lying about it. why am I overexaggerating things? Im so sry.

The truth is, EVRYONE wants you in pt, your amazing, your a healer. Once every two weeks on siege ur popularity is so huge that u can decide which pt u wanna have fun with. for 2 hours. Because after that, ur the bleep again. Anyway....

Back to the idea of just having your own character (DD) to exp urself. Yes, if your legit in the high lvl range with ur healer, trust me u wont get around it. So better start off with a damage dealer right off b4 u even invest ur time raising a healer. So here I am, investing blood sweat and tears, time and money into that DD just to come to the long held back but seen conclusion that I still wont ever make as much money or exp  as ppl who decided to be main DD's from the very beginning. Why is that? Because while ppl can put their money entirly into one character, ur the *** one who is constantly splitting the whole  anyway low income in between 2 characters. Hence, ur chars now both suck. Congratulations, u hav achieved smth. You hav officially achieved to be the idiot who went along with the new in game system. Adjusting to reality is hard. Trust me, im trying to save you here from a lot of worries ull hav choosing a support character in this game. Im your friend, not ur enemy. Im a gamer like you.

Honestly im not the best writer so forgive me if I randomly put some topics throughout the whole text.

After this long PvE orientated text, lets get over to the long awaited (or mb not) PvP for Supports:

So this one is really tricky. It has probably more PRO's than PvE than any but honestly even here u suck if u compare it with a DD class (im only talking about the UPTODATE chronicle). Im not saying that supports hav always started out to be this bad in PvP. Honestly they werent. They were actually the supreme classes in PvP (talking about olympiad f.e.) in alot of past chronicles. Evryone needs to shine someday, right?

I mean the supports in general are probably rly balanced classes in terms of skill and defense (Or not, thats rly discussable but lets just go with the flow). Unless u prefer playing an offensive support which the least ppl actually do. And those who do, prolly sold their houses (look abouve, first paragraph).

Lets start this with open field pvp. Ye, theres not much to say, unless u hav at least one dd in pt u can just gtfo, cause until u get ur opponent down he will probably not bsoe but use a normal soe instead, why wasting one bsoe. But that was expected and im not mad about this situation, has probably always been that way. and should also be that way. accepted. np to me.

Lets get over to the Olympiad. This will be fun. Times for you are over now, its either u kill ur opponent or u loose. Evry dd does more dmg than you, hence the dd will win the fight at the end of the round if he didnt die. The AMAZING newly created oly system which should be an improved version of the old system is spitting on you. A support character which has basic defensive stats is now supposed to hunt down any other class within ONLY 100 seconds to win luckily one of the 3 rounds for urself (and u gotta win 2 of them). pfffft easy cake baby. ye,  .. right. So if the class doesnt hav hide (yuls, daggers, ertheia wiz) or mana barrier (all feohs) or smth like a hp revival skill (all tyrs)(and here ur basicly supposed to hav monster dmg to finish them in 100 seconds)(lets remember we are a defensive stat character) u hav a tiny chance of winning the round for u. but just a tiny one. lets not talk about breaking mana barrier in 100 seconds or I hav to laugh. Hence the answer is, just do not do oly at all cause u will be loosing in 90% of the fights (with equally equipped chars) anyway, unless u just wanna farm some Battle Marks to better the low support income u gotta split between ur support and ur dd, then have fun and good luck.

Another PvP option of the game is the Ceremony of Chaos. Again we hav a dmg orientated pvp system here. Yes ppl, i know, its nothing new, its old. And yes my opinion is too that there is quite a bigger chance of winning as support than in Olympiad. I feel you guys. I got this, dont worry. The ceremony of chaos does indeed implement the possibility of lethal hitting ppl with a book, which basicly (and theoreticly) even gives a lvl99 character the chance of winning. But first off, u gotta be lucky to lethal ppl and it gotta be the last person alive in the arena to win the battle. Hence u hav to survive until the end of the round to lethal or normally kill the last character which is ... well almost impossible. Yo dont get me wrong, I'd rly like CoC if the distribution of ppl between the arena's wouldnt be by turn. lol. Ok lets stop it here cause honestly CoC is just another big Chapter. What I wanted to say respectively summarize, is that the chances to win CoC as support are way smaller than those of a DD. Cause if we exclude the possibility of lethaling ppl the only chance of winning the round is to hav the most kills. Ye lets start laughing now together. I feel you my fellow brothers and sisters. I swear at the beginning I didnt wanna point out CoC but it just happend, im sry.

Last but not least Mass PvP a.k.a. Castle sieges. And here I am not rly sure if i wanna be on the 'YEAY ITS FUN' or on the 'SUCKS HARD' side. sigh. Lately the game loves to push all dd classes to some extent that it doesnt matter how good ur equipped on ur healer (or other supports), even a dd with an exalted weapon can deal great dmg on you. Why? Just because the game developers wanted it that way. Feoh Mcrits, ertheia passive 30% hp off skill, all lethal classes. tyr pushed to pcrit extents. I mean..... I mean.... Im rly happy for u guys, I rly am. But where is my class push? Will I get some mana armor too? Or some nice Uber UD to defend myself against all those improvments of other classes? All ur good now for as a healer on siege is pressing celestial or rebirth, and at best b4 u die by a one shot from any class. thats the best case scenario. Im rly smirking right now. For me personally, evrything kinda turned out to be a big joke to supports. (to me). 

Ahhh I bet there is plenty more to say about PvP and PvE. Forgive me if I forgot smth or im just to lazy to write about other game options.

I could hav paste it somewhere abouve but there are like plenty game options which *** supports atm all over. At this point I'd rly like to point out smth from the latest homunkulus update. Its amazing that players are given the chance to get xtra bonus with those, and its even for free. The most amazing among all those homunkulus for me and probably to alot of other players is the Vitality Recovering homunkulus Juju. Recovering vitality while u hunt monsters at a certain chance? Sounds amazing. Could push my ever lasting and slow exping healer abit. So I gave birth to tons of homunkulus, on and on and over and over again. Until I finaly got some Water Juju. I was so happy. Finally some more XP. And I saved all those enchant points to lvl it up to lvl5 directly when i get it. I did. and I grinded. and grinded. and grinded. The vitality on my feoh (box dd) looked amazing with juju. It went up constantly, my vit was always full. But there seemd smth wrong with the Juju on my main healer. It never rised up. Ye laugh apparently vitality only rises with juju when u handle some dmg or last hit to the monsters. Another spit on my face from NcSoft.What did the game developers think here? Lets bully supports and since they lvl slower than others anyway they wont even notice the difference. xD Yep. dont worry about it. Ofc we didnt notice.

Ah ladies and gentlemen honestly i could go on and on about all the contra arguments of playing a healer (support). I hope I could help you out about the important decision u gotta make on which class to play. What I wanna add at the end is the fact that this text written abouve is based to 50% on pure facts and 50% on personal subjective perception. Dont let this ruin ur day.

For me the game for supports is over. If u love playing support u should consider playing another game. And here I am, reconsidering after evry new update if I should just stop playing or not. I love lineage2, or at least I used to love it. But changes come with a game, its natural. 

Anyway piece out y'all.


PS: If a moderator read this pls delete the post in Class discussion section, since i think it fits more for evryone here, than just healers

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Hello, I am going to tell you directly, I did not read your post, because I understand exactly what the problem is.

Today, supports are left behind. It is a huge problem. I will tell you a simple fact, because on this topic we can have a 3 day discussion. I will tell you 1 reason, only 1, so … 

We lack the MID TIER player base, especially on NAIA server, we have a strange situation - 99.7% of the DD's HAVE NO GEAR TO CARRY A PARTY and they play duo with a BOXES ISS. These players never take any other kind of support in any situation. They just stay on a macro at some spot, most of the time they are not able to kill mobs efficiently also, so you can see small skirmishes between these ppl.

Then you have the 0.2% of real MID Tier DD's, who are always looking for supports, always looking for tanks/healers/iss, BUT THESE DD's need strong supports, supports that are willing to invest in defensive gear, cooldown reduction, prestige pack, consumables, have knowledge of the game, have good timing on several of their skills and ARE ACTIVE AND WILLING TO SUPPORT.  It is hard to find such players, because in our poor servers, anyone who is willing to pay is going to a DD path, but you are not able to equip a DD with the amount you pay for equipping a support  - so these people become LOW DMG DD's :(  these are the dd's who duo with a boxed iss. 

Then we have the 0.1% TOP Tier DD's who can carry a party on their back, some of them are so Overpowerd and Overgeared, they can carry a full Clan behind them. In our servers you can count such players on your hand.

This is a Korean game, in Korea they have hundreds of TOP DD's who can carry hundreds or thousands of support players. Here because we have less than 1% of DD's who can manage that, we all suffer.

The main reason is overpriced loot boxes we get from promos, prices should be x3/x5 times cheaper for sure, another reason is the totally random outcome of producing gear, if you add the high rates we need to click and get an item by Korean RNG, people just choose not to do it.

We lack simple core items for the DD classes to be able to support the supports by inviting them in party and having fun, farming, pvp'ing in a healthy environment.

This is just 1 reason = the prices of gear, only 1 reason, there are tons of other reasons... 


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