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SoulShot Explained

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So, this is a test I've been working on the last days.

Since i didn't found anything about soulshot in the forums or the wiki, i decided to find out how it works, and this is what i discovered.

PS: This is a test created by me, information here may not be 100% accurate.

How does shoulshot work?

  1. At first, i though soulshot (SS) bonus were all added to the main bonus of SS, that being 100%, so a lv3 ruby would make a SS bonus of 107,5% damage, and if u have a ++ weapon that bonus would be added aswell, ss+ruby3+12weapon = 100 + 7,5 + 8,4.
  2. Well, this test proved i was wrong and ss bonus are multiplied... 100 * 7,5 * 8,4.
  3. i managed to find a final formula for all ss bonus and it worked perfectly in the live test in the game.


Here is what i used.

Tyrr titan lv 103 with all gear removed and no buffs at all.

Using only Mega strike skill (fixed damage). jfwz2p.png

The test weapon was a +12 amaranthine cutter (8,4*) ss zxmhs3.png

bonus, and a lv 3 ruby (7,5) ss bonus. ok8mcw.png

These are the results:

The formula i discovered to calculate the ss bonus.


the result in game test.


* as a result of the tests i managed to find a bug where the real soulshot bonus of a +12 weapon is 8,41% and no 8,40% as stated in the game.:ph34r:

Thanks for reading, and fell free to show your opinion about it.

Sorry for my english. :$

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On 15/06/2018 at 5:51 PM, SinPalabras said:

What role, if any, does the weapon's element -- and the mob's elemental resistance or susceptibility -- play into the computation of damage?

It does increase or nerf your damage up to 25%, according to your scale of difference from atk/def element values.

I.e.: now the motto is to achieve 720+ element attack, so you need around 550-600 to break the element difference and erase the 'nerf' being applyed to your attacks, and after that, you start to increase your dmg % as long you reach towards the 700+ element value. Below those 550-600, you'r being penalyzed up to 25%.

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