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Spike buff behavior change?

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I've noticed that Spike (dwarven buff) does not work on 2h blunts anymore, only on 1h blunts, while Weapon reinforcement (dwarven selfbuff) does work for both 1h and 2h blunts.


Spike: Adds a spike to a blunt weapon. P. Atk. +10% and Stun accretion +15% for 20 minutes.

Weapon Reinforcement: Sharpens a spear or blunt weapon. For 20 minutes, P. Atk. +7% and when the enemy is wounded, Atk. Spd./Casting Spd. -10% at a set chance.


Neither of the skill descriptions say that it is for 1h only or both 1h and 2h, they both say just "blunt" and one works, the other - does not, which does not seem correct.

I remember Spike working on 2h blunts before. @Juji, is there a chance to get Spike fixed in future updates?

Thanks in advance and really appreciate your help with this!



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