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Ruin of agony

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Ruin of agony literaly the ruin of the server, its full of bots 24/7 sumoners going to orc village gk, take buff and then go back to agony and farm adena 24/7. its Stupid to let that spot that way, doesnt care the beggining quest, the real problem is this spot and the botters.

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if you go to orc village or kamael village you will se spawning bot ponys 24/7 and at dark elven village gk spawns human sumoners to take buff, then go 20 min to farm adena. Its ugly botted the server right now at low mid and high lvls

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53 minutes ago, Crackord said:

I think they should remove Auto-Hunting. The gentlemen of NCSOFT do nothing about it. : C, Even I think there would be volunteers to ban these people if GM were chosen at least 1 hour a day.

Removing autohunting would do nothing as those are bots in ROA and other areas. You would just screw over the few legit players left in this game....



I can actually legally bot myself with the auto hunt feature... like wtf? does this work till level 80?

Autohunt is nowhere near as effective as a bot. You can autohunt until level 80 assuming you don't get harassed in ways that wouldn't effect a bot.

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