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Bots everywhere!!!!!


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They are so many bots at harnak underground ,bloody swampland,altar of evil and fairys at magmel , any1 can understand they are bots but no1 don't do anything about thins????? Who u would do something when GMs never be online. they are so many programs of bot with 1st of all ertheiac and dark elf wynn also a new program of some1 with 3 person pt!!!!!!u will do any action of this?

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this is my messege to GMs

"Take a look at this area please(Garden of Genesis),(I know you Know)

The guys gain billions per day,buy whatever>sell adena>getting(pr0)>having fun>and after that

inslut to us globaly that we have no Gear or we dont know how to play etc. etc.

Tell me why i should keep farming properly or play on rules

Whats the meaning to play at all if you know all this?!"


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See an old topic:

Freya Server.

Garden of Genesis.

Bots running 24/7 here , sad to see gamers resorting to cheating and clans.

Clan name removed

and all the other cheats who cant play normal and have to cheat to get places.

I can only say report all botters, these are the people suffing up games world wide.

here they are:


No clan:

Character names removed


Clan Purplehandgang:

Character names removed


All 8 of these bots have been running 24/7.

Do something or more people will see you as weak when it come to bots and they will do it to.

You also need to look and see where these bots are transfering their stuff to like other accounts etc and ban those too.

Sad muthas these ppl are.


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There are mechanisms to submit reports of behavior that violates the Terms of Use to our Customer Support team. Please don't make accusations on the forums and call characters or clans out by name. I've removed these call-outs from your post and locked this thread.

Conclusion is yous..


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