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Weapon & Jewelry Augments missing from Passive Skills


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There are definitely some Augments which no longer show up as passives(Weapon + Jewelry; Life stones and Spirit stones)... mostly the ones I've noticed are Stat modifiers like +HP/MP/CP, P.Atk, P.Crit rate, P.Crit damage, P.Evasion, Atk.Speed, Run Speed, Debuff resist, Element resist and Chance debuff/effect.(M.Evasion shows but P.Evasion doesn't???). only some of these can be verified on your Status screen(Alt+T)

These Old Augments used to have the same Icons as the Old Pre-Awakened Skills which have all been removed since Fafurion... M.Evasion still shows up with an old Icon, so if the icons still exist in the client they are not linked correctly to these Old Augments.


I've also submitted a Support Ticket.

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