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Othell - Doubts after level 105


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I played Interlude for a long time and, a few weeks ago, I started playing Chronos and therefore everything is new, it is another game. I am othell DE, I am at level 105 with dual level 105 and I have many doubts and I would like you to help me.
For example:
1- How do I farm Adena?
2- Do I buy a dagger or dual dagger? And which do I buy?
3- Is it worth use exalted set or buying another one? Which to buy?
4- Better invest in jewelry and enchant circlet and shirt or do what?
5- What is the best ap tree for PVE and revelations?

Forgive me for the number of questions, there are countless doubts. I don't know of any player who plays othell to help me. I hope you help me.
Thank you!

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Good day, I hope my answers can help you out.

First of all, othell is not a very good farmer,because of the way you kill mobs, you are a single target DD, that means you are not efficient in farm,since you hit 1 monster and you lose time getting to the next one, even using shadow chase. Top farmers now are Yuls. Since you are othell, you can supplement your farm by using dual class Yul, you can share same gear, only different weapon.

1 - Adena farm is now possible in timed zones - Stronghold is purely adena farm zone( 350-370m per hour with decent gear), Primeval Isle you farm scrolls for several items and in future will be revamped for several new scrolls( Farm here depends on your drop rate and amount of scrolls you can get ), Storm Isle is both good for XP and Adena ( Solo yul played by hand not macro moving on a good spot can make 300m- 400m per hour with decent gear). Other way to generate adena is to buy ncoin, get items from l2store ( get tradables ) and sell them to other players ( don't get scammed by stupid trades pls, be cautious ). You can get a good chunk of adenas from free events also, last one I got 3 insanity talismans from 16th anniversary boxes so it was like a free 60bil boost on my toons.

2 - People discuss what is better, at the end solo or dual dagger, almost the same, you need a lot more items in order for you to do sustain dmg and not rely on dps skills. Get what you like.

3 - Well, for farm you depend on your gear, +8/10 bloody will do a proper job, but again I need to say - your dmg/farm depends on so many factors, you need to do your own research and communicate to other players for more info.

4 - ATM you need to invest in all, Exalted lvl 3 brooch jewels can help you, better get radiant authority circlet +5 and enchant your dragon shirt to +5. Bigest PVE boost you get now is from the ELMORE CLOAK, +15 Elmore with 2 decent augments will give you tons of dmg.

5 - othell sections on forum will give you details on PVE AP tree.

My advice is, take your time, do your research, watch some videos on YouTube from both servers naia/chronos. take it step by step or you are going to overpay for a lot of stuff.



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