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Issues Lineage 2 website


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Please review the lineage 2 website because we face many bugs and issues, as an old player we found many workarounds to manage to login, but as a new player lineage 2 website is not user friendly and would not attract anyone in having to stay 1hour in creating and logging into an account.

1. Account Creation is not working, and no I did not create other account since many months now, I tried mulitple browsers/multiple pcs, is still not working. I did not open a ticket because for me creating a new account is not an urgent matter, but for a new player would be and this concerns NCSoft, not me.

2. Accesing Support section, If i am currently logged in with an account called: X, i logout from X and login with Y and I try access support section it automaticly transfers me on the X account's support tickets and no matter how many times i logout from X and login in Y, the support section remains only for X account.

3. Not being able to login:  I have encountered this issue multiple times per day, I acces the Log In section, type my email and password -> Log In and it returns me to the main lineage 2 page (what I mean by this is: when a sucesfull login happens the user name appears in the right top of the screen, lately this does not happen and only appears again the Log In button).

Unfortunetly I don't have the entire list of the Lineage 2 website problems , but please take a look, or raise the concern because it makes me avoid trying to login there, I don't like to stay 1h and troubleshoot an website(compatibility view/clear cache/changing browser multiple times etc) when it should work properly from first try.

Kind Regards,


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