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Apple Faces Lawsuit for Loot boxes in App store


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I suppose NCwest should start considering about giving us a Rates for RNG boxes before its too late. Gambling boxes are also prohibited in California, Belgum and Netherlands.




Edit: In Belgium the worst penalty for this is 3-years prison sentence.

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Your actually wrong they have 2 offices IN CALIFORNIA, and its not where the company is based it is where the product is USED.  Microsoft is based out of Washington if I remember right, but the EU sued Microsoft because Internet Explore was embedded so far into the OS you couldn't remove it and people felt as if they HAD to use it instead of say Firefox/Chrome.  So yes they can be sued from any state their product is being used in based on state laws.  Plus Orange County, CA and San Mateo, CA has offices of NC Soft West.  You should do a little homework before you give that information out.  They also have offices in Washinton, Texas, and UK also.

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as i play DOTA 2 every now and then, Valve was forced (i assume) to display the chances of getting at item from their lootboxes (at least the rare items) and after the community banded together, the chances for rare items escalates with displayed chances the more boxes you buy. But i digress, making this community of trolls band together for anything that is beneficial for the player is like herding cats.

Furthermore (and this i saw in the past and also recently in the dota reddit with screenshots, too lazy to search again and post the  link do the research yourselves) certain EU countries not only display the chances of the items in the boxes but what you get exactly from the next lootbox you purchase eliminating the "chances" of this whole thing based on the country legislation (so different behaviors for the same purchase at different countries in the EU). I do not believe Valve has servers in every country to abide with the existing laws, but i;m not a legal expert as the people arguing on behalf of ncsoft here.

Regardless it would benefit the players so one would think players would be for this change. but nah, for some people trolling the forums is more fun. 

Lastly, one would assume as long ans they provide virtual goods in the "Glorious EU", no matter where their servers are, as long as they accept money transfers for said exchange form EU, EU law would apply to them. You cannot buy firearms for example from US and get them in EU based on the US legislation, you have to abide with the much different EU laws on firearm possession. 

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