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Random Disconnects - The saga continues.

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Hi All,

Has anyone found a way to solve random disconnects?

Solutions i've tried:
a. Battleping
b. Watching for lost packets - No lost Packets found
c. WiFi Connection
d. Wired Connection (Cat6) - this is my standard connection
e. WTFast
f. Closing all other programs
g. Setting application priority to real time in Windows

My PC is:
Ryzen 3800X
16GB DDR4 @ 2900Mhz

The random disconnects seem much, much more prevalent around US Peak time. I am in Australia with an average ping of between 220ms - 240ms.

Will increasing the VIP level on one of my characters fix this, or is this just a symptom of NCSoft choosing trash server hosts?


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Ouch Australia means most game servers are geographically far from you so you're at the mercy of the few backbone connections that exit Australia. Also your government filters the internet which adds some problems for connections.

In contrast I live a bit south of the data center here in Texas and I haven't had a D/C in a while. Not since the servers had some issues a while back.

You can try to tracert to find the hop where things are going south. Depending on what hop is flaking on you there might be a possibility for you to avoid it.

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