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Move to Yul: Is there anything I should know?

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MalumInSe    4

Need expert advice from the pro archers.

Finally after all of these years I've gotten bored playing my Tyrr and decided to change to a Yul Ghost Sentinel when Red Libra arrives this week. I plan to use the same equipment that I had on my Tyrr. Please review the below stuff and let me know if I need to really add anything in order to be a more effective PVP/PVE archer.

Current items on my Tyrr:

+10/12/10/11/13 Bloody Eternal Light 3x120 element all around

+17 Bloody Amaranthine Thrower (once I change it from Slasher in Red Libra) 300 Holy; Lvl 6 Might; Lvl 7 Crit Damage. Augment: Str +2, +70 element bonus 

+15 PVE Cloak 4.5% PVE

Rare pack boss jewels mostly with Ruler's Authority ring with +200 p.atk augment

+5 Octavis shirt. I popped my elemental shirt trying for +9 and never replaced it before the event ended.

+2 Radiant Circlet not augmented 

Dyes: 15 STR w/ Fire Resistance (Do archers need +15 STR????)

Odds and ends: Venir 16, Insanity Talisman, Abundance 4, Seven Signs, Low Grade Taurus, normal Istina bracelet


Aside from equipment, what skills do I need to learn and enchant to maximize fast kills? I still have about 20 Immortal and 3 Immortal (1) scrolls from one of the previous fishing events. Might as well use them. Thanks for your advice and help.







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Asachiara    17

change SA on bow (skill crit dmg and atkspeed+skillcrit dmg)

u need to achieve ~90 dex on normal CP buff + fish stew rest can go STR (combine your equip this way not necessary to change dyes immendiately)

Get reflect or shiny shirt (cause of +4 stat)

get Advanced bracelet just to get +4 STR or DEX depends what u need 

get poinpoint and quick shot to +15 and above on focus route first, then multiple arrow to +15 focus. Rest can stay on +10 for a while.

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