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Skill Change/Upgrade Communication

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When the new skills that require advanced rune stones were added (e.g. archangel of death for daggers), it was not communicated that the new skill, if effect, replaced an existing skill (angle of death) since the cooldown on both skills are triggered when either is used.  When the change was announced, it appeared that this was a new skill so people obtained advanced rune stones at great expense to learn the new skill only to make the old skill obsolete. I had +20 time on angle of death and would not have learned archangel of death had I known they both could not be used.   If a new skill is an upgrade to an existing skill, then this should be communicated and the old skill should be deleted when it is upgraded.

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I don't understand why they kept the old skills as well, but your new skill is better than your old +20 skill anyway. So it wasn't a waste. You could have asked anyone about it before getting the greater rune stone xD

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