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Cruma Tower - Suggestion #1 - 2nd Basement PvP instance

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Cruma Tower used to be (and still is) one of my favourite places.

This is a suggestion on revamping the place as below:

Cruma Tower will provide two different instances within the location. At the 3rd basement there will be a pvp allowed farming instance, while at the 2nd basement will be a pvp enforced instance that will end in 1st basement against the Raid Boss Core.

Check image link below:


2nd Basement:

Requirements: 2* 7ppl parties


·         Each party will start from spots “*” and will not be able to reach each other from the way point between them. In every room ahead there will be 1 Elite mob (small RB) and X amount of mobs. By attacking the boss, all mobs will aggro. Social mobs will aggro when attacked

  • As soon as a team enters a room, entrance and/or exit door will close until the boss is dead.
  • Every boss will give points to the Team as below:

          1, 3, 5, A, B, D, E, F = 100 points

          2, 4, C, = 200 points

  • Doors will open as below:

          Killing boss in Room 2 --> Doors towards room 3 and 4

          Killing boss in Room 4 --> Doors towards room 5 and +

          Killing boss in Room C --> Doors towards room D and E and F

  • Bosses that give 200 points will have more HP and do more dmg and their rooms will have more mobs.
  • Last rooms will contain Seals “+” that have to be broken, by attacking them, in order to open the same colour doors.
  • Room with “TP” will have a teleporter that will teleport to 1st basement.
  • At 1st basement there will be a gatekeeper boss that will open the door to CORE boss when killing it.
  • At last room there will be the last RB “Core” that will award 500 points
  • Killing a player from the rival team will give 20 points
  • The team with the most points after Core is Dead or time expires wins
  • Another 500 points will be awarded to the winning team
  • Points will be able to buy xp scrolls and various ingredients

For your consideration @Hime @Juji

Thank you 

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