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Othell Guide 106 + with 20bi to invest

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Hello everyone,

I'm Othell DE and I have the standart equipment (exalted). My atlas is +12, my mask +4, noble circlet +4 and venir lvl 7. I have 20bi to invest but I'm lost in what to buy.

Please, I need some help to know what to invest this money to not lose money.

Thanks in advance for your opinions and a great game for everyone.


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You need to invest in weapon.You have 2 options:

Buy R110 dagger and make it above +4. Add 2 SA, make it first 300 attribute (450 is hard and expensive for now but it's a must when you have more adena).To enhance it you need 5b adena + Gem R 1406 + 17 Elcyum (roughly 17b to enhance it). Yeah it's a slow process but it's worth it.

Another option is to buy any type blessed r99 overenchanted (+8 or more) , add 2 SAs , make it 300 attribute, switch it on red libra for dagger and you need 6b to make it bloody type. 

For the jewels - read the forum.



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