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Prices for CryD and Cry C

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Ezulan    1

Hello guys im new to L2 and totaly new to market too!

So i wonder what's crystal prices base on, especial cryD and cry C, so i i make a formular...its going to be like this

For cryD as max tax 1 tarba( top blunt D) from giran shop =around 1.959.000/2545=770 adena each

So for cryC it will be... Akat bow in giran = 5375D and 1075C, after Akat bow crystallization we got 1720C

*5375D x 770 = 4.139.000

 1075C x ??? =???

* 1720C(after crystallization) - 1075C (prices when you buy) = 645C ( this number = 5375D when you buy)

So 5375D = 645C = 4.139.000

* 4.139.000/645=6420 adena for each crysC (insanity prices)

For now ppls sell cryD for 900 adena  ...WTF!!!!>:( and no one sell cryC ( fews day ago ppls sell CryC for 1000 adena)

What happent here ? correct me if im wrong :( im so so confuse what should do to buy an akat bow if cryD =770a and cryC= 6420a then akat bow = 11m o.O


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CatsPawz    4

I hate Matz....

don't ever compare Item sale or exchange in Shop, they price are greatly Higher.

Cry D expensive because People use it for craft Magic Power and Element Stone. bfr that was 460ea

Cry C sale 2350~2850 when SoulShot with Grade. now a day, it almost useless, so Value/price drop.

That's i know. hope it help u:)


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HarryV    6

On Giran server there are many sellers here with DC for cca 450a each and CC 750a each. From what you say just buy those weapons from shop, crystalize and make a profit yourself ;)

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