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I want to ask about ur viosion of playing as necromancer. Its the weakest of nukers (if it is nuker). Is it a debufer? Yes, he has a lot of debufs but look at their landing - very poor. At the end is like glass cannon. Very low HP, p.def and m.def. According to you what is his the strongest point?
Another thing is very expensive cursed bones. Are you serious? It's not possible to exp using CB because of horrible costs. Archers have their quivers. What about necromacers?
Last thing I want to say is about oly games. When match begins mele characters staying next to me and can stun me easily etc. In normal game I can react when I see that enemy comes. I have range attacks and it's my main advantage which I cant use on oly arena.
Can you do samething with necromancers to make them more playable?

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100% agree!!!

DEV team must desable the use of  Cursed Bones, (price is more then 4 times the price of blessed shots), just  because Death spike is Necro's main skill and ALL other nukers don't need ANY itens to use ther main skill. The way Necro goes in classic server players will not play them cause is really expensive to afford.

PLEASE think about this ...

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