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4 hours ago, Jason said:

Guys, storm feoh to tank you think it's good or evis or others?

You can't have certain dual classes like eviscerator, sayha, dominator, maestro. Those are locked only to main classes.

Feoh to tank it's not common, since the classes don't share any gear (neither armor or weapon). Usually feoh duals are other feohs, healer, wynn, so you don't have to have / spend on double gear for everything. Although it's not mandatory. If you wanna try a tank, maybe it's easier to start a new char.

4 hours ago, Jason said:

BTW do I get to use both classes skill after sub?

You can only use one class at a time. There are no shared skills between main and dual classes. On Talking Island, on NPC Trandon (near Raina), you can choose Dual Class Certificate Skills. But those are only dependable on your main / dual class level, and not related to what class you choose.

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