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What do we need? Will they read us?....


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I don't think they read us, but we need them to. We ask for Red Libra and we do not have it, we ask for a solution to the already known problems and we do not have it ...

Let's see if we make a list and we reach an agreement among NCSOFT's clients.

I already have several acquaintances who have left the game to get bored, well bored this one, two and a half years ago I even planned the daily instances now nothing because there is no party room at all.

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we need gms to log in game, go check grocer's and let us know if we need any of the items offered!

shouldnt freya roses be in grocers?

shouldnt some different type of heal pots be there?

shouldnt rune stone or elcyum (powders at least) be there? whouldnt enchant scrolls be there?

shouldnt there be a way to get bloody/dark stones other than those 4-5 groups of mobs in gainak , owned by already geared up people that just want to control their price?

shouldnt there be more adena drops .. way more, so many more that rmt would be useless !!! and item drops! let people enchant and break armor pieces and weapons without having to go bankrupt in real life! 

shoudlnt gm log in to see what the game looks like from the inside?

and above all , shouldnt the information on a server maintenance, changes fixes event add ons etc be announced a bit earlier than 10 hours prior server reset?

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TO balance the economy more adena just adds to the inflation.  You raids that drop items and items that realistically craft able and sometomes random drops and spoils in the field.  Its lazy programming taking random drops from mobs away yes its a pain but you make enough money off us to make real drop tables.  Why does everything that need to be upgrade need r gems and r crystals can we just simplify the upgrade process of things and just make it straight adena instead of trying to figure out how much it really costs.

KISS method = Keep it simple stuipd = happy gamers.

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