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Suggestions We Cannot Ignore Any Longer!


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  1. MyTeleport needs to be OFF during siege, demonic swords (?), no exceptions. period. Summoner summon should not work within X of a siege field, ( X = aproximately a castle towns distance. Changes would inherently bring the fun back to the sieges. That MyTP feature is just too good!
  2. Copious amount of pay2win, average players cannot just "jump in" and/or work hard for comparable gear options. The free side of the game needs more detail, you can't just spit in the face of people not able to spend hundreds in cash anymore. Maybe if their characters weren't AOE one shots they could play the game and siege?
  3. Character Rating Index system. This is probably the most critical thing, because of the lackluster age of L2, it has fallen behind in known Korean and other worldly game mechanics. There SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BE a system which grades your characters overall gear to a #/Letter, just something that can openly show where your character stands gear wise.

Thank you for attending my TED Talk

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I understand that announcement, It shouldn't even be a thing how are players allowed to even do these sort of open world actions during a siege is what needs to be asked. Where are the programmers that can work out the kinks in the game, the Koreans need to get back on track they were doing pretty good but now the momentum needs to pickup again, and basic features need to be working correctly so it is not up to punishing people but the system should be able to be turned off for a siege. Well by now should expect those things to be fixed, I'm sure the Korean's are working on it now :DxD



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