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Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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Hime I tried to apply the code yesterday for my new account and said code couldn't apply.  It was not due to expire till today's maintenance. (BTW This is for a new account i already claimed on this one)

Can we get that looked at extend 1 extra day for the people that were trying yesterday and this morning but it wouldn't go through kept saying code not valid.

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15 hours ago, Hime said:



  • Modified the rules for flagging as chaotic so any attack will be considered PvP if the attacked player's name was in purple status at the time of being attacked while turning back to white at the moment of death.

Does this new logic apply also for the scenario, that when the attacked player's name was in red status?? (at the time of being attacked)

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  • L2 Team


9 hours ago, Free2play said:

@Juji @Hime Any news for Server transfers? Is this gona come back at all ?

In a few months.

10 hours ago, Cantus said:

CODE can not apply, before maintenance?

The coupon code for the 16th Anniversary Bonus Package will expire. (this applies is when the server enters maintenance)

@Juji  @Hime

14 hours ago, Snooky said:

Yeah same here. Can't apply the Code ><

15 hours ago, ArcherGirl said:

@Juji @Hime   

CODE cant apply  , before maintenance?

15 hours ago, Meteoritaaa said:

CODE cant apply... 1 day earlier

The code expired 7 hours early due to the time being set in UTC. We are going to extend the coupon code redemption by another day, so you will have until 5:00 PM PDT on 6/25 to claim it. I highly recommend claiming the code ASAP.



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52 minutes ago, CryMeARiver said:

Any news when is really the RED LIBRA coming? @Juji @Hime?

Juji replied "late summer" a few days ago. Not July. Apparently there is an issue with the server that makes Red Libra not possible until then. He says late summer, but don't be surprise if it's sometime during the Autumn.

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