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Just hit level 70, and was told to check Wall of Argos for levelling. Imagine my surprise when there was no drop a all from the mobs!?

Why NCSoft just get rid of all drops of all mobs in a area, what does this means ???  "BUY MORE NCCoins" !?!?

 @Hime @Juji Please explain this, also for other areas (Liele or fline Elder, Premos... I can remember what else)

This is nonsense, the drop rates are sh1t anyways and there's this "no drop at all politic", what's next, by XP from store?

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49 minutes ago, E_Sq_Si_Eba_Maikata said:

I don't see why there will be a mobs just for levelling.. and just for drop.. that's not L2.. that's something else!

Because pay to win don't need shitty drops and they just want level. This server is designed for the pay to win players, as seen by the design of server, the events, and especially the op items that players can only get for cash. It is just sad.

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