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dance/song order and MP cost

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Ezulan    1

As i mention above , in the old time Mp consume for dance/song depend on itself, for example if we use song of hunter and sing it again then it doulbe or triple the MP , but now it see depend in  the order of howmany dance/song already in effect, if there are already 4 dance in inffect  and start the first sing it count as the 5th tthen it x3 x4 MP. its crazy!!!

in this order: 1dance/2dance/3dance/4dance   5song/6song/7song/8song = failed , u will never get them all but...

in this order: 1dance/2song/3dance/4song/5dance/6song/7dance/8song = u may get em all

weird...O.o, any ideas what happent?


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HarryV    6

Dont know what "old time" you are speaking about. I know the game since C4 and the dance/song costs are just like you described since then.

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