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This is serious. Do something. (Rune Stones)

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The distribution system among characters for Rune Stones needed per skill is completely unfair. A serious example is that an Iss Dominator requires in total 24 Rune Stones for LVL 1: Fantasia Melody, Blessing Barrier, Divine Expansion and LVL 2: Fantasia Harmory.

On the other hand, an Iss Swordmuse requires in total 60 Rune Stones for LVL 1: Fantasia Melody, Blessing Barrier, Divine Expansion, Song of Assault, Song of Thief, Song of Chorus, Song of Archery, Ensemble Melody and LVL 2: Fantasia Harmony.

Finally, as my last example take a look at the Tyrr Titan class where it needs in total 32 Rune Stones for LVL 1: Edge of Storm, Divine Expansion, Force Intention, Furious Slasher. Im not even going to mention the level ups of these skills, either the skills that later on require a Greater Rune Stone. But to conclude from my 3 simple examples there is a nice outcome:

If we suppose that each rune stone costs on avg 140kk (even if it costs 130kk or 150kk there is not a big difference):

  • Iss Domi avg cost for learning these skills = 3.36 billion
  • Iss SwS avg cost for learning these skills = 8.4 billion
  • Iss Titan avg cost for learning these skills = 4.48 billion

I hope that you guys in NCSoft realize that there is something wrong in the above findings. To solve this I have 3 suggestions that is fair for everyone:

1) Reduce the skills that need 4 or 8 Rune Stones to be learned, so every char has to invest on i.e. 24 Rune Stones. Also, the same thing can happen if you increase the total to i.e. 60 Rune Stones for everyone. Both approaches are fair.

2) Make Rune Stones available with more ways. They can be added as a drop in our farming spots with a high probability like a mid or high LS used to be in previous chronicles. Also, you can either added them in more instances or you can increase the probability/amount of dropping a Rune Stone.

I think either of my suggestions are fair for everyone. Please to anyone reading this, feel free to add your own suggestions, agree or disagree with me. This is something that a lot of ppl I know + me can't handle, and I have already learned some skills so its not only about adena.



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