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About changing number of screens

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hello friends of ncsoft, I want to give my testimony, about these changes of number of open screens, good first is all wrong because I can not open 10 screens , 3 are lineage live, if any screen take disconect live, I can not log in again , because the classic windows are open, and in the system of you prevents me , so I want to go to the subject of who uses programs and ip mask , use bots to open more screens on pc how it gets? I am a legitimate player and do not use anything illegal to increase the amount of screen only can I open 3 of live and 6 of classic? we know that in the classic is necessary more than 7/8 , is giving advantage to those who play with illegal program, I await response .... me and my cp if not reviewed we will leave the server is just my opinion. why who uses bot to log more screen is having advantages.

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