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here is an idea

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i'm really getting sick and tired of the adena spam in pms and mails once one sets foot in any town. Can the employees who "definitely" play this game clean that up?

here is an idea, why don't you log for like 5 mins a day and teleport around with a toon banning the spammers? you can't miss them, they use better automations than you do. I mean you  already log to play or at least play-test this game don't you? (sad joke....)

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It is not hard to do, but they do not want it.

My solution could be like that:

Ad bot initiate dialog with user. User use "Block adena sale ads" (logs/time stamp will store). 10 blocks from different users: automatic disconnect and ban.

It's impossible to abuse this. Because  without dialog initiation users are not able to use the block. 

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This assumes that the programmers, admins, any one at NC Soft ever logs in and/or plays the game. There is plenty of evidence to suggest they do not.  I am not trying to insult or start something, but it seems to me there is no involvement  between the admins/ dev team and the actual game we play.  The rules say no RMT, yet here is blatant (and annoying) advertising for it. 

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They could fix all this with a anticheat program.. stop the bots, the adena spam, etc... they just cheap asses and want to boost numbers..

The only reason the past anticheats failed is because it required monitoring.. and obviously our gms are to lazy.. they want everything done for them, or they do nothing at all... which is where the game is now... no live gms, no support whatsoever.. 

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