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crystal r-grade are too hard to get in game


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Hi all,

with the new upgrades many way to get cry-r grade are missing, 

the raids are few and very often there is  a solo player who kill them when they spawn, ( now a lvl 85 can wear r110 equip so a normal player or a clan made of them no has chance anymore to make raids, neither the little bosses)

instances like Fortuna, where player could get R grade armors to crystallize are gone too,

the point is that now to craft ssr bssr I am not able to get by myself any item to crystallize and in a game where money are importatnt to make equip no have sense to waste them on buy r-grade crystals

crafting r grade armor to crystallize is a dangerous and expansive  bet

so this is the reason that sends me to write this post

Do you have any way to get armor r grade (without to spend money) to crystallize ?

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Speaking of weapon restoration, the amount of R Grade crystals in the market is also affected by this policy. The GMs take the crystals when they restore the weapon, so unlike in the past, when there is a major enchanting event, the market isn't flooded with low price R crystals. It sucks for you.

But to original question...

I suggest go fishing. Sell the fish to afford enough to start a Buy R grade crystal shop. If you have constant buyers for your shots, you will eventually be able to sustain your business simply by buying R crystal at a low price, then sell the shots with a little mark up to cover your expense plus profit.

If you're really patient, you can also hunt mobs that drop Treasure chests. Those treasure chests sometimes have full armor parts, shields, sigils, etc., when you open them.  You can then crystallize those drops. No, I am not saying that you get those drops often. But enough people have gotten chests with full armor parts that I can confidently say it does happen.


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