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Augmenting: Where is all the Lifestone

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Anyone can advise how to get the lifestone now?
Whether it's normal, mid grade, high grade or top grade.

Freaking high price in AH. No more drop or can't get it anymore?


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RolanZ not answering to the question.

Actually, I also wonder where to get all this lifestone now. L2Store? Raid Boss?

How the hell one going to augment without a way to get it. Of course you can pay crazy price for it in AH.

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Several places.  Spoilers spoil crystal of spoil which can be traded.  They do drop from party instance boxes you get for completing the instance or the quest associated with the instance.

Then there are people who have truck loads of life stones who smartly combined and upgraded them before the old ones were deleted and not to crash the market they only put a few for sale at a time 5 - 10 a batch usually.  It is actually only middle class non-super nc coin buying way to make a honest living besides whats left of fishing.

Some of prices on gear are horrendous but it is what its is.

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38 minutes ago, LordDragnil said:

Forget about spoil, it so long. But You can get it from Venusta's box.

All I get from this box is 3kk. "Korean random"

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Remove Rune Stone. Difficult to learn skill.

Remove Life stone. Difficult to Augment Weapon.

Change Olympiad timing for server. No change to participate. Difficult to get CODEX to enchant skill.


What else coming???

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Buy from the AH primarily. Also do the daily stuff that gives boxes like IT, Baylor, Kama, Ashen etc with as many characters as possible.

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Posted (edited)

We are all talking about the same thing.

Whether Spirit Stone or Life Stone.

In-short, you can't really get all this easily, unless you have adena to pay for it. Which is really expensive now.

What Ncsoft doing now is slowly dismantling the mechanism of the game. Really disappointing. 

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