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We are pay, We want play

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most of players buyng NcCoin for p2w event including me ( few euro, but still money) , I think that you have most money then we ( players ) can imagine. 

And still is here one big **** problem....Disconnect. Last three days in the night everytime I got DC for my main DD with auto farm on and rest party ( 8 chars ) only standing and consume supplies ( What is the point of buying supplies / scrolls / exp bonus when you got DC = waste money.  

This problem is here few weeks, sometimes is better and you can play few days without DC and after this BOOM. 

Its problem many, many people, several topics on forum with this *** problem with requests for explain and nothing. 

Can you stop ignore it NcSoft and can you give our  some reply, if this DC are some in solution?

We want know what happend.

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