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Grats to all of you feeding NC's Bank Acct


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This event is.. well, there are no words. I am seeing so many people spending hundreds of dollars on boxes on a "chance" to get a Freya card with another "chance" to get a dragon frag. Yea, I know they're useless without the many claws and mats you need but people are spending billions buying them.

So, once again... Good job to all of you with unlimited credit cards or have taken out a 2nd mortgage on your home. The joke is on you and NCWest loves you. Thank you for supporting Lineage 2 and keeping our server alive... *cough cough*. :D

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I hadn't seen Norm since ages. TY Draecke :)

Don't be so rude Sharlanna.

They've just asked to daddy a new bunch of pixels instead of the new bugatti veyron for the good result in the 8 grade.

Since they don't have a gf and they have to do sieges in the we well the bugatti would have been a total waste you know

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