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Halkeye Snipe 2 Question


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Hello, I have a Halkeye with snipe 2 on L2 Classic Talking Island, which make me immobile and is by far my classes strongest skill. When I try to use auto attack and snipe, either close range or far, I attack mobs for a few seconds and then stand there and cannot take the next target. I will stand there and die. I tried different methods including attack toggle, macros using next target nothing seems to work for more than a few seconds. If i set autoattack and a macro with next target and attack I keep shooting each mob once or twice then hit the next mob until there are 5 or 6 mobs killing me. I don't think Snipe 2 works correctly and it is bugged could I please get an answer thank you. I want to know how to use snipe 2 and keep attacking the same mob before i change target and how to actually keep attacking without stopping and loosing all targets basically frozen. 

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