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Kamaloka not scaling


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I am a 110 ISS that is damn near fully geared for offense WITH DRAGON DUALS.

The more buffs I add, the more pots I use in the instance, my score actually gets lower. Support, once again is getting SCREWED. 

The instance does not be appearing to scaling well at all per class and if it is... its WAY off, if a fully geared offensive iss with Dragon duals cant get S, we may need to adjust the instance no? You guys cant keep scaling EVERYTHING for end game archers, it's not fair to the rest of the server.

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Even as an 109 archer the scaling is off. Stage 1 and Stage 2 are too easy. Stage 3 (115+) is too difficult.


1. Rework the levels and mobs and make it impossible for higher levels to go in lower stages -- but everyone can go to higher stage if they want..

2. More evenly spread out the good prizes. Even someone level 105 could use Greater Jewels, Heavenly Talismans, etc. Not fair that only highest level gets a chance at the top prize.

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From many year NcSoft make all in this game for archer class, because of that 90% of all players is archer 9% Evis and all other classes is 1%. Biggest DD is Archer, biggest AOE DD is Archer, Biggest farmer class is Archer, Best class for PvP is Archer, every other DD even with x2 or x3 gear that archer can't be even close to productivity of Archers. There is absolutely no logic dagger with one skill to make for example 100kk single dmg, and archer with same skill make same 100kk RANGE dmg but to 15 targets... This with the balanced classes in the Lineage 2 is a myth from 10 years ago from the update "Goddess of Destruction" Like most NCsoft actions absurd and without any logic ...

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The game is designed for Korean prices, Korean market. In our servers ppl focus on yul, because it is most efficient here. Go and take a look on Korean servers, it is a totally different story, a different game. We get a copy/paste more or less of their content but with x10/20 times less gerared players, probably because we get much more expensive promos.

In Korea also they spend more $$$ than here.

If we had x3 or x4 times cheaper promos with good mechanics of getting new high tier items, many ppl will not choose yul and go for othell/tyrr/feoh for sure. Those classes are much more fun generally, since you need to do smtg and not just use yul macro and shoot afk like a machine gun.

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